How to surf the web to find motivating and insightful content

  “ Wow! This was so cool !” my friend says. “How do you even find these things?” I tell him that I got it from the newsletter of <so-and-so> website where people post interesting stuff. And the next question goes, “Well, but how did you find out about the <so-and-so> website?” And then I end up telling him about this person on Twitter whom I follow and how she tweets interesting things and how she is SO cool. “Okay but how did you find out about this person?” … And every time, the conversation comes to an abrupt end either because my friend stops asking further questions at the risk of seeming too dumb (and ends up giving me an unsatisfactory “Oh Wow” reaction) or because I fail to remember the exact source (and end up telling something along the lines of — “I just found it while… hmm… browsing on the Internet”). What I also want to say is that these cool webpages/people that I come across can come to anyone. But that sounds like patronizing. Not helpful. And I want to say